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Golden Visa of Portugal.

How to get citizenship of a European country in a short period of time?

Is it possible without permanent residence in the territory? How to move the family to Europe officially? The answer to all these questions is one – the “golden visa”. By investing in Portugal, you will receive all the European privileges and bonuses. The advantages of the “golden visa”:

  • Portuguese citizenship in 5 years;
  • Absence of strict rules on residence in the country (7 to 14 days per year is enough);

unimpeded movement within Schengen;

  • The ability to move to Europe as a family with official registration;

no residence permit is required to work, study or just live;

  • children of parents who live in a European country for more than two years automatically receive citizenship. 

The essence of the “golden visa” is quite simple

you invest in the economy of Portugal a certain amount, and in return the European state guarantees the above benefits. “Golden visa” is a chance to become a European citizen with the simultaneous receipt of a profitable investment asset. Investment options:

  • from 250,000 euros – investment in culture and art; 
  • 280 000 euros – purchase of real estate in sparsely populated areas;
  • From 350 000 euro – purchase of real estate more than 30 years old;
  • From 350,000 euro – opening a business and 10 jobs in the country;
  • From 500,000 euros – investing in any real estate (except Lisbon and Porto), science and technology, investment in funds, commercial organizations. 

But another question arises – how to transfer funds to Europe without breaking the law. The most profitable and safe option is to use cryptocurrency and mechanisms of its legalization in Portugal. 

All questions you can ask our manager via messenger
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